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[texts]Perceptual, Evaluative and Behavioural Changes through Externally Mediated Self-confrontation - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report describes the development and application of the idea of microteaching in research and education. It presents a cybernetic model for a systematic and controlled study of the way in which the individual makes use of different feedback devices for self-control and self-direction. The model is applied in an examination of an extremely comprehensive collection of research literature. The result of the investigation is studied with regard to its significance for a person's ability to make...
Keywords: cybernetic model; microsettings; experiments; teacher education
Downloads: 55
[texts]The Idealised World: A Problem of Semantics - Bernhard Bierschenk
In a number of preceding articles having appeared in this series it has been demonstrated that the AaO paradigm can be used to develop a cognitive helical structure. The present article advances the process to the forth of five phases. Of the four dependent variables emerging at this stage, two will be discussed, namely (1) zero processing and (2) variations in form. The other two will be presented in a forthcoming article...
Keywords: AaO paradigm; design; helix; structure; semantics; lexicon; expansion; sphere; illusion; factor; variation
Downloads: 142
[texts]Axiological Measurement of Human value Factors in Mental Processes. - Bernhard Bierschenk &Jan Mattsson
Modern behavioural research focuses on the possibility of a direct measurement of value preferences. These are conceived as important casual variables of behaviour. The article presents a method and a procedure for the measurement and representation of human value factors. By means of Perspective Text Analysis mental processes of workers from Sweden, England, West Germany, Italy and the United States were captured and topographically represented elsewhere...
Keywords: axiology; Perspective Text Analysis; value types; Hartman; reference order; multinational company; Swedish; English; German; Italian; American workers
Downloads: 228
[texts]Ett ekologiskt perspektiv på språk och textanalys - Inger Bierschenk
This article presents an ecological theory of language and text. It is assumed that the development of language and the production of text are perspective creating activities. A perspective is formed when the material and the immaterial dimension of a text meet. This process can be discovered through a formal mechanism, of which the core component is the Agent. By means of examples from historical times some facts and circumstances are discussed, which support the idea that an Agent, that is, th...
Keywords: text; geometry; energy; landscapes; fusion; dynamics; flow; Kantian; AaO system; 3D; language; evolution
Downloads: 87
[texts]Swedish Semantic Dictionary Base for (570) Adjectives and (880) Verbs - Bernhard Bierschenk
The dictionary base is representing Swedish adjectives and verbs which were assessed of a sample of 40 randomly selected individuals, drawn from a population of 132 researchers, working in the fields of educational and psychological research. Further, the presented source materials are based on a sample of 600 pages of running text drawn from the 4000 pages of the collected interviews. This base provides a new way of building up concepts and conceptual relations...
Keywords: Multidimensional scaling; Osgood; psychometrics; content analysis
Downloads: 52
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Resultat, implikationer och rekommendationer - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains a summarised description of the experimental design, results and implications of separately published analyses. The aim of the investigation has been to study the effects of traditional tutoring and self-confrontation via closed circuit television and video-recording on student teachers' self-assessment. In addition, the report contains recommendations for further research and for further analyses of data already collected.
Keywords: teacher training; micro-lessons; CCTV; videotape; experiment
Downloads: 71
[texts]Perspektivische Textanalyse: Anweisungen für Vertex - Inger Bierschenk & Bernhard Bierschenk
The present work is based on the Kantian (AaO)-axiom and conceptualised as a textbook. As scientific method in the true sense of the notion science, the Vertex version of Perspective Text Analysis PTA/Vertex represents a completely new approach to text-based studies. The inter-lingual character of Vertex has been tested and established in the context of six different languages, four belonging to the German family and two to the Roman family...
Keywords: Functional text geometry; perspective text analysis (PTA); Kantian AaO-axiom; language space; flow dynamics; fusion dynamics; magnitudes; potential energy surfaces; free energy surfaces; energy landscapes; German
Downloads: 17
[texts]Tre uppsatser om beteendevetenskaplig forskning, kulturtraditioner och personlighetsteorier - Hans Arte
1. A model of analysis is introduced and behavioural science is delimitated using scales of definitions. Various steering factors in science are discussed. Special attention is directed to the steering power of the scientific language 2. The development of school-system and special education are analysed in relation to two traditions of culture: the scientific-mercantile and the humanistic-romantic traditions...
Keywords: behaviour models; research process; steering; scientific language; cultural traditions; personality theory; structure analysis; simulation; CCTV/VR
Downloads: 113
[texts]Ett system för interaktiv beteendesimulering - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a system for the simulation of interactive behaviour strategies. The system has been constructed on the basis of a psycho-ecological model. The core of this system is an action-oriented behaviour simulation. The reliability of the information mediating variables, which have been built into the system, has been calculated. These are the association, structure and process paradigms...
Keywords: behaviour simulation; system analysis; event; action; mediating variables
Downloads: 64
[texts]Der Einfluss der Selbstkonfrontation mit Videorekorderaufnahmen auf das Verhalten bei Übergabe von Information: Ein Versuch zur empirischen Analyse des Erklärungsverhaltens und dessen Beziehung zu Persönlichkeitseigenschaften - Ernst Wieltschnig
In this investigation, the influence of self-confrontation on the behaviour while explaining reasoning problems is analysed with the aid of several parameters of verbal behaviour. The behavioural change of persons with the opportunity to come to an understanding of their own behaviour by means of video recordings is compared with the behavioural change of persons without self-confrontation. Moreover, the explanatory behaviour in general and the change of the explanatory behaviour after several ...
Keywords: self-confrontation; teacher training; kommunication; regression analysis; personality variables; video-recording; problem solving
Downloads: 83
[texts]Prepositioners verkningssätt i modeller för språkbehandling - Inger Bierschenk
This seminar paper contains a short principled discussion of the use of prepositions in the interaction of language with information science models. The point of departure is the problems of ambiguity identified in various computer-based approaches to the specification of information. The paper ends up in a proposal for ecological thinking in text analyses where the concept of action range should have the cue function...
Keywords: preposition; cognition; element; information; organization; language; ecology
Downloads: 54
[texts]A Model for Explorations into Cognitive Science Research - Bernhard Bierschenk
Because computer-oriented researchers apply cognitive notions such as meaning, symbol and understanding, or concept, cognition and knowledge, it has become mandatory to inquire into the traditional explanatory models of science, including behaviourism. The article outlines the steering and control mechanism that has governed a new outlook in which subjective mental states become functionally interactive and essential for a full explanation of conscious behaviour...
Keywords: phase relations; design structure; axiomatic basis; recurrent factorial design
Downloads: 58
[texts]Datorbaserad innehållsanalys: Teoretiska och praktiska överväganden - Inger Bierschenk
This report describes a Swedish contribution to computer-based content analysis research. The method is compared to international conventions regarding the treatment of text for computer-based analysis. An account is given of how a dictionary can be built up on the basis of the Swedish language. The coding of the text is based on a theory about thought structures and the report describes the way in which this theory can be converted into a system for coding concepts and relations...
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; cognitive models; conceptual dependency theory; coding system; data coding; dicitionary construction
Downloads: 134
[texts]A Demonstrative Definition of Consciousness in Monozygotic Twin - Bernhard Bierschenk
The presented study builds on the Agent-action-Objective (AaO) principle. It accommodates a unique theoretical framework for the development of a radically new methodological approach to the scientific study of intentionality and orientation. This approach will be called Scanator. It provides the means for rigorous measurement and representation of such mental phenomena as consciousness and consequently the subtle structures of mentality...
Keywords: monozygotic twins; AaO principle; mass-independence; informational interaction; text production; self-indication; intentional causation; Visual Cliff pictures; perceptual depth; flow-fields; movement patterns
Downloads: 50
[texts]Simulating Strategies of Interactive Behaviour - Bernhard Bierschenk
Effective communication is of crucial importance for the development of effective social organisations. Deficient communication combined with rapid technological and social changes appears to lead to both ecological and psychological imbalance. An increasing number of environmental groups are working for ecological improvements, but young people seem to find it increasingly difficult to master the task of developing an integrated personality...
Keywords: behaviour patterns; behaviour change; television; simulation; teacher education; personality development
Downloads: 43
[texts]Perception, strukturering och precisering av pedagogiska och psykologiska forskningsproblem på pedagogiska institutioner i Sverige - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents and motivates the theoretical frame of reference and choice of research strategies and methods in a project on research planning. It contains (1) a theoretical model and (2) empirical data concerning the initial phase of the research process. A model, based on principles of general systems theory and a psychology of information, is described and the design of an interview study and its realization is reported...
Keywords: research problems; structuring; perception evaluation; policy; descriptive statistics; general systems theory
Downloads: 178
[texts]Intermediate Language Structure - Inger Bierschenk
In modern information and documentation systems, the thesaurus has the important function of serving as a link between the author of a document and the information searcher. For this reason, the language structure of thesauri should receive more attention than has been the case so far. In this study, the intermediate function of the thesaurus has led to an investiga­tion of the principles for structuring and representing informa­tion in such a way that it corresponds to the cognitive structure...
Keywords: algorithmic coding; computational linguistics; concept recognition; empirical database; information science; representation language; structural analysis; text processing; text representation
Downloads: 73
[texts]Den dolda storheten i Dvärgen - Inger Bierschenk
This study concerns The Dwarf (Dvärgen) by Pär Lagerkvist. The author wanted to give his tribute to the Renaissance masters by letting the dwarf express his scorn and contempt for humanism. Further, Lagerkvist wanted to characterize the greatness and lowness of Man through the prince and his innate dwarf. It is a general conception that the prince character in this novel has retrieved properties from Machiavelli’s Prince...
Keywords: duality; mentality; holophor; language space; perspective transformation; fiction; The Dwarf; Pär Lagerkvist
Downloads: 265
[texts]The Schematism of Natural Language - Inger Bierschenk
Language processing can hardly be discussed without a statement of the fundamentals on which the instrumentation rests. The models and their operationalisation express the linguist's starting-points, more or less conscious, when he faces the phenomenon of language. A commonly accepted position in linguistics is that language is a set of culturally transmitted conventions. The language describing these conventions is called a linguistic model when it forms some systematics...
Keywords: agent function; Kantian schema; AaO-model; perspective control; empirical validity
Downloads: 45
[texts]Några personlighetsvariablers betydelse vid lärarkandidaters perception och värdering av egen undervisning - Kerstin Skog-Östlin
The purpose of this report has been to describe in detail eighteen tests of a battery of personality tests, administered in a self-confrontation experiment. The results indicate that in general personality variables, especially those mirroring an interest in one’s self, play a major roll in perception and evaluation of one’s own teaching.
Keywords: self-confrontation; experiment; personality tests; multivariate analysis; self-interest
Downloads: 122
[texts]Datorprogram till ANACONDA - en teknik för textanalys - Leif Robertsson
This report presents a comprehensive description of the computing methods used for testing ANACONDA (Analysis of Concepts by Data processing). Of special importance is the program developed for identification of words in the text with words in the dictionary. In the form of an appendix some background information to the ANACONDA method is given.
Keywords: computer language; program development; word identification; matching procedure
Downloads: 65
[texts]Nature’s String Stitching Device for the Production of a Language Space - Bernhard Bierschenk
No one has ever been able to look into the language space nor has anyone been able to measure the phenomenon of consciousness without the interference of an observer. This article is changing this situation completely. From now on it is possible to produce measures of consciousness without the presence of classical observation devices. In particular, the observation problem can be bypassed since the “observer” is part of the “observed”...
Keywords: AaO system; string; mirroring; geometry; shapes
Downloads: 35
[texts]Simulering av interpersonella relationer i lärarutbildningen: Utveckling av ett schema för klassifikation av handlingsförslag vid lösande av lärar-elev-problem - Gunlög Frost
This report presents the development of a classification schedule to be used in the behaviour simulator SIR (simulation of interpersonal relations). The schedule is based on measures proposed by student teachers for the solution of teacher-pupil problems in the simulator. Essential components have been extracted from the alternatives as a basis for categorisation. The next step is division into time phases, i.e...
Keywords: self-confrontation; action proposal; interactive behaviour; simulation
Downloads: 40
[texts]Intuitive Judgement in the Context of Constructivism - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
This report presents the fifth and last experiment in a longitudinal study of text building behaviour at the Gymnasium level of a Swedish School. The series of experiments concerns natural language production as a means for the establishment of state attractors as well as their geometric space descriptions. The hypothesis tested during three years of instruction and learning is whether the evolving attractors pertain to a descriptive dimension (analytic sensibility) or to a reflective dimension ...
Keywords: AaO-paradigm; Perspective Text Analysis (PTA/Vertex); utopia; dystopy; citizenship; nurture; futurism; morality; de-humanisation; Huxley
Downloads: 40
[texts]Externally Mediated Self-confrontation: The Influence of Personality Variables on the Perception and Evaluation of Subject-Object Relations - Bernhard Bierschenk
In a self-confrontation experiment, student teachers have been put through an extensive test battery containing personality tests, cognitive tests and attitude tests. In this report an analysis is presented of the influence of personality on the student teachers' perception and evaluation during confrontation with their own video-recorded micro-lessons. Using a number of multivariate models for data analysis, prediction problems and relations between the content of different groups of variables ...
Keywords: teacher training experiment; CCTV; muliple regression; re-assessment; longitudinal; perceptual development
Downloads: 112
[texts]On Linguistic Formulas for Knowledge Representation - Inger Bierschenk
This paper takes up one model that has been basic for language-based computer systems. With this background, one primary computer application will be examined. The aim is to illustrate some problems in taking advantage of a theory developed in one field when constructing a linguistic representation in another.
Keywords: computational linguistics; cognitive science; phrase structure; grammar; computer understanding
Downloads: 33
[texts]The Ideology of Pure Form - Inger Bierschenk
Ever since Chomsky published his work on the syntactic structures, linguists, AI-researchers, philosophers and psychologists have been obsessed with trying to prove the relevance of the formalism that his work advocates. The Chomskyan tradition assumes that the automaton represents the highest form of knowledge, and that, therefore, knowledge of language exists only as propositions. In the later works of Chomsky, the X-bar theory, especially its minimalist version, is proposed to be a purified d...
Keywords: declarative description; phrase structure grammar; finite state generator; minimalist hypothesis; X-bar graph
Downloads: 38
[texts]Datorbaserad litteratursökning - Bernhard Bierschenk
Scientific communication presumes a well functioning information and documentation system. Information retrieval systems have been designed for making possible rapid and precise answers to inquiries. This report includes (1) a short survey of international and national documentation activities, (2) a description of rules and criteria to be used and the way these can be applied in an information retrieval system, and (3) some empirical results, identifying the needs for information and the uses t...
Keywords: information needs; information uses; computer-based literature search; retrieval systems
Downloads: 57
[texts]A System for a Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Data - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
Content analysis based on frequency distributions differs from impressionistic analysis and interpretations of written or spoken text. This type of analysis is objective insofar as it requires an explicit analysis procedure and a formalised analysis. Objectification means that a person transfers certain typical human functions to objects, i.e., tools, and that machines are developed that can carry out functions that were originally subjective...
Keywords: regression analysis; scaling; psycho-linguistics; concept formation; panel studies
Downloads: 117
[texts]Worthiness as Behaviour Component - Bernhard Bierschenk, Helge Helmersson, & Bengt Lohmander
Traditionally, respecting peopleâs choice is considered equal with respecting people. Founded on the premise of choice, elaborated and hierarchically organized organisations have been built up to guarantee growth of living standard for securing quality of life. This article reports on a study, which questions the adequacy of this premise. Three models of feasible societies have been used to study the way in which people prefer one or the other with respect to how uncertain or certain they are t...
Keywords: Swedish model; projected societies; Latin-square; canonical discriminant analysis; discriminant functions; rank; eigenvalue
Downloads: 31
[texts]Television som tekniskt hjälpmedel i utbildning och pedagogisk-psykologisk forskning: En bibliografisk redovisning, 1971-1974 - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report is a fifth bibliographic account of literature concerning television as a technical aid in education and in educational and psychological research and contains materials published during the period 1971 to 1974. The references are classified according to 8 main categories, each having 4 subdivisions. The bibliography contains references, which are a result of computer search in the files of ERIC, ISI and SSCI...
Keywords: microteaching; television; computer search; technical aids
Downloads: 41
[texts]Development of Competence in Dynamic Learning Environments - Inger Bierschenk
In information rich societies like ours there is a demand for a steadily ongoing discussion and research of the way people in various functions develop and maintain their competence. Competence has become a word of fashion and although everybody thinks that they know what competence is, nobody can tell how it may be measured. The traditional definitions of the word rest on properties, which are equal to knowledge and qualifications...
Keywords: Competence; social concern; measuring learning; public sector; private sector; materials construction
Downloads: 123
[texts]Handledning för rapportering av beteendevetenskaplig forskning - Bernhard Bierschenk
To enable the examination and evaluation of the quality of scientific publications and research funding, researchers should rely heavily on the principles of behavioural research for conducting and reporting empirical studies. In this report both general rules and suggested conventions have been compiled, i.e. (1) general principles for designing and evaluating behavioural research, (2) suggestions for principles to guide the researcher in preparing scientific reports for publication, and (3) co...
Keywords: research; behavioural; reporting; guide; preparation; design; control; criteria; writing; convention
Downloads: 52
[texts]Concept Formulation: Part III. Analysis of Mentality - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
This is the third article of a series of three about concept formulation. It presents an analysis of the mentality of a free and unrestricted interview. The article starts with an illustration of the way in which an algorithmic analysis of natural language production has been carried out. Especially the functioning of the algorithm in differentiating objectives from the perspective is emphasised. By means of the agent function, meaningful conceptual relations can be unambiguously and automatical...
Keywords: interview; differentiation; objectives; boundaries; affinity relation; topographic description
Downloads: 27
[texts]Reconciling Deductive and Inductive Approaches to Work Motivation by a Syndetic - Conrad Ottesen
Theories of work motivation are reconsidered from F. W. Taylor to E. A. Locke. These are characterised by a behaviour paradigmatic point of view as either of analytic-deductive or analytic-inductive kind. Hence rationality is understood according to a determinism leaving rationality according to a moral point of view out of consideration. In order to incorporate human value into the study of work motivation a syndetic approach is called upon...
Keywords: motivation; human value; syndetic; Kant
Downloads: 45
[texts]Theorie und Praxis in der Oberstufe der schwedischen Grundschule - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report presents a descriptive study of the educational system in Sweden with special emphasis on the upper level of the comprehensive school. An attempt is made to survey the goals and the realisation of the goals in the practical school situation. Thereby, the focus has been directed upon the attempts being made to adapt the school to the demands of a quickly developing modern society.
Keywords: school reform; descriptive study; comprehensive school; Sweden; comparative eduction; curriculum; school system; upper level
Downloads: 50
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Lärarkandidater bedömer egna videobandade lektioner -€“ en uppföljningsstudie - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains a description and discussion of self-assessment data obtained from student teachers, partly as a result of repeated self-confrontation experiences during a confrontation experiment, partly as a result of reassessments six weeks respectively two years after they had participated in the self-confrontation experiment. The data have been analysed by means of ANOVA and canonical correlation analyses...
Keywords: re-assessment; self-confrontation; microteaching; CCTV-experiment; videorecording; educational experts
Downloads: 121
[texts]The Pendular Movement of Text Building - Inger Bierschenk
Classical theories of language concern the establishment of constituents with the purpose of describing the organisation of text within the framework of classical mechanics. The novelty in the approach presented in this article lies in a multiple dynamic pendular system that enforces a strict regime on text building behaviour. The working of this mechanism is demonstrated by means of twenty model typical examples...
Keywords: conflict; categories; texture; model; structure; time; text; perspective; array
Downloads: 25
[texts]Applications of Perspective Text Analysis: A Thematic Overview - Inger Bierschenk
This thematic overview presents some studies on the validation and verification of Perspective Text Analysis (PTA). The first section, containing the validation part, provides evidence for the hypothesis about the capacity of PTA to reflect specificity of ecologically specified observations in text production. The following section presents verification studies within various contexts and focuses on individual prerequisites and constraints that are at work when a person is put in a situation in ...
Keywords: verification; AaO-model; validity; comprehension; competence; Perspective Text Analysis (PTA); qualitative method; longitudinal study; single subject study; Case study
Downloads: 42
[texts]Emergent Novelties in the Mentality of Dizygotic Twin - Bernhard Bierschenk
An extension of the application of the Scanator to dizygotic (DZ) twin is the concern of the present study. Scanator is an extremely valuable tool in the functional analysis of qualitative stability in text building behaviour. Moreover, Scanator allows for a detailed investigation of subtle changes emerging in the structural relations of emergent novelties. One goal of the present study concerns a most rigorous power test of parameter operations in relation to corresponding model components...
Keywords: MLT units; visual cliff; pictures; self-indication; conserved energy; viscosity; elasticity; schema axiom; Wilks Lambda; Cohen's (f); MANOVA
Downloads: 35
[texts]Heterogeneity in the Apprehension of Adaptation and Justice - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
The present report is about the fourth experiment in a series of five. This series concerns a longitudinal study of changing shapes of mind. Based on the assumption that mind is an emergent property of the processes that produce natural language expressions, mental development is discoverable through the Agent-action-Objective (AaO) mechanisms. The present study is focussing on the way in which the evolutionnary process of text production portrays the system of thought that holds that human fitn...
Keywords: PTA; AaO model; non-linear; language mechanics; learning strategy; competence; consciousness; shapes; mind; language; space representation; heterochrony; Strindberg
Downloads: 53
[texts]Animal Terms in Children’s Metaphors - Nicoletta Caramelli & Angela Montanari
This research aims at showing that children shift their interpretation of the same metaphor according to the social role respectively of the speaker and the addressee of the sentence, to the degree of lexicalisation of the metaphor, and to their age. We chose the simplest type of metaphorical sentence, i. e., the ‘nominal’ one in the form 'X is a B', where X was a proper name and be an animal term...
Keywords: cognition; metaphor; story; perception; statistics
Downloads: 27
[texts]Analisi Geometrica di Testo: Manuale per il PTA /Vertex - Inger Bierschenk & Bernhard Bierschenk
The essence of the present work is based on the Kantian(AaO)-axiom. As a scientific method in its true sense, the Vertex version of Perspective Text Analysis (PTA) represents an alternative approach to text-based studies. The inter-lingual character of Vertex has been tested and established in the context of six different languages, four belonging to the German family and two to the Roman family. The actual presentation concerns the Italian version...
Keywords: Functional text geometry; perspective text analysis (PTA); Kantian AaO-axiom; language space; flow dynamics; fusion dynamics; magnitudes; potential energy surfaces; free energy surfaces; energy landscapes; Italian
Downloads: 15
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Analyser av lärarkandidaters självbedömning och pedagogiska experters bedömningar - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains analyses of the results of student teachers' self-assessment and the assessment by pedagogical experts on videotaped protocol material. The data have been analysed by means of ANOVA and canonical correlations. Further, the ANOVA has been carried out in three steps: Analysis of (1) structure of the F-tests, (2) precision and power and (3) post hoc analyses. Canonical correlations have been analysed with regard to (1) significant bi-variate relations, (2) the relations between...
Keywords: CCTV-experiment; assessments; educational experts; self-confrontation; contrast analysis; Anova; multivariate analysis; precision analysis; effect size index
Downloads: 57
[texts]A Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Text: Numerical Description and Multivariate Analysis - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report describes the method of approach used in an analysis of the dimensionality of interview texts. By means of cluster analysis models, the interview materials have been agglomerated. On the basis of these results the relation pattern has then been studied by means of a discriminant analysis. In the final discussion the results are related to (1) the psycholinguistic model and (2) the model of the research process, which have guided this research.
Keywords: content analysis; scaling; cluster; discriminant analysis; semantic differentials
Downloads: 91
[texts]A Statement on Metaphoric Sentences - Nicoletta Caramelli
This paper aims at pointing out the differing interpretations of metaphoric sentences’ comprehension as developed in the recent psycholinguistic literature. The inadequacies of the psycholinguistic theories of language processing which rests on the assumption according to which language is the expression of a relatively autonomous cognitive activity are highlighted in the interpretation of metaphors as anomalous sentences...
Keywords: cognition; sentence; structure; comprehension; perception
Downloads: 32
[texts]En diskurs om den perspektiviska textanalysen - Curt Dahlgren
This article is a presentation of a new method for analysing texts: Perspective Text Analysis. The text is used to illustrate this method and also the results of it I have produced myself. The advantages of the Perspective Text Analysis are discussed in comparison with more traditional methods for content analysis. One of these advantages is the ability of the presented method to specify the objects connected to each agent through an action in text...
Keywords: AaO system; agent perspective; religion; discourse
Downloads: 56
[texts]Försök med automatisk separering av referenser i en flerspråkig databas - Inger Bierschenk
New types of information- and documentation systems are developed in most countries of the world. Several types of information have been available, but in spite of highly advanced techniques, no programs are yet handling multi-lingual information. This report presents a program, which separates titles of research documents automatically. The search program is based on the matching of specific cues in six languages, which coincide with patterns in the titles...
Keywords: computational linguistics; computerbased lexicology; scientific information; language separation; multilingual database
Downloads: 52
[texts]An English Digest: Self-confrontation via Closed Circuit Television in Teacher Training: Results, Implications and Recommendations for Further Research - Bernhard Bierschenk
An experimental study was carried out at the Malmö School of Education in 1969 and 1970 for the purpose of studying the effects on the self-assessment of student teachers of, firstly, externally mediated self-confrontation processes (via closed-circuit television and video-recording), and secondly, dyadic confrontation processes (in the form of traditional tutoring). Detailed reports on the background, design and result of the experiment have been presented in Swedish...
Keywords: microteaching; self-assessment; external; mediation; self-confrontation; CCTV; VR; dyadic confrontation; reserach design; validity; reliability; Anova; longitudinal; experiment
Downloads: 43
[texts]Konstruktion av ett regelsystem för en datorbaserad innehållsanalys av intervjutext: Preliminärmanual och några utprövningsresultat - Inger Bierschenk
This report contains a description of a technique for a computer-based content analysis of interview text. Some steps in the development of a rule system for coding are reported. The evaluation of a preliminary system of rules is described and evaluation data are presented. Furthermore is integrated an extensive control of punching and punch cards for the purpose of attaining a perfect material. The presentation of the work, carried out so far, is pre­ceded by a linguistic discussion.
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; coding rules; reliability tests; linguistic models
Downloads: 109
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